Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and in a naturally built environment. Civil engineers build the world’s infrastructure. In doing so, they quietly shape the history of nations around the world. Most people can not imagine life without the many contributions of civil engineers to the public’s health, safety and standard of living.

Sl.No Semester Practical
1 I Semester GE6161 Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory (Group A & B)
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – I
2 II Semester GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – II
GE6261 Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Laboratory
3 III Semester CE6311 Survey Practical I
CE6312 Computer Aided Building Drawing
4 IV Semester CE6411 Strength of Materials Laboratory
CE6412 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
CE6413 – Survey Practical II
5 V Semester CE2307 Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory
CE2308 Soil Mechanics Laboratory
GE2321 Communication and Soft Skills Laboratory
6 VI Semester CE2355 Environmental and Irrigation Engineering Drawing
CE2356 Environmental Engineering  Laboratory
7 VII Semester CE2405 Computer Aided Design and Drawing