Computer Science and Engineering


Computer Science Engineering is an academic discipline that is developing at an extraordinary speed. The department installs in each student a sound understanding of the fundamental of computing and the opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge. It provides the student with an understanding of mechanisms in the physical world and of computational solutions to problem, in order that these two may be brought together into a computer system.

Sl.No. Semester Name of the Laboratory
1 I Semester GE6161 Computer Practice Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory  (Group A & B)
GE6163 Physics & Chemistry Laboratory – I
2 II Semester GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – II
CS6211 Digital Laboratory
CS6212 Programming and Data Structures Laboratory I
3 III Semester CS6311 Programming and Data Structures Laboratory II
CS6312 Database Management Systems  Laboratory
4 IV Semester CS6411 Networks Laboratory
CS6412  Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
CS6413 Operating Systems Laboratory
5 V Semester CS2307 Network Laboratory
CS2308 System Software Laboratory
CS2309 Java Programming Laboratory
6 VI  Semester CS2357 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Laboratory
GE2321 Communication Skills Laboratory
CS2358 Internet Programming Laboratory
7 VII  Semester CS2405 Computer Graphics Laboratory
CS2406 Open Source Laboratory