Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Electrical and Electronics Engineering has an excellent and progressive Academic record. The department has provided to the students to attain technical excellence in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and given quality education through effective teaching learning process for their future carrier.

Sl.No. Semester Name of the Laboratory
1 I Semester GE6161 Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory(Group A & B)
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – I
2 II Semester GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – II
GE6263 Computer Programming Laboratory
EE6211 Electrical Circuits Laboratory
3 III Semester EC6361 Electronics Laboratory
EE6311  Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
4 IV Semester CS6461  Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
EE6411   Electrical Machines Laboratory – I
5 V Semester CS2312 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
GE2321  Communication Skills Laboratory
EE2304  Power Electronics Laboratory Requirement
EE2305  Electrical Machines II Laboratory
6 VI Semester EE2356  Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
EE2357  Presentation Skills and Technical Seminar
7 VII Semester EE2405  Power System Simulation Laboratory