Electronics and Communication Engineering



Electronics and Communication Engineering Department aims to provide a program of high quality to produce creative technocrats those can address the challenges of a new century and excel at an international level In order to enhance global prosperity by fostering technology worldwide. Our graduate will successfully employ in electronics related fields or other carrier paths, including industry, academic, government and non-governmental organizations.

SI No Semester Name of the lab
1 I Semester GE6161 Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory  (Group A & B)
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – I
2 II Semester GE6262 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – II
EC6211 Circuits and Devices Laboratory
3 III Semester EC6311 An al o g and Digital Circuits   Laboratory
EC6312  OOPS and Data Structures Laboratory
4 IV Semester EC6411 Circuits and Simulation Integrated Laboratory
EC6412 Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
EE6461 – Electrical Engineering and Control System Laboratory
5 V Semester EC2306 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
EC2307 Communication Systems Laboratory
EC2308 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
6 VI Semester EC 2356 Computer Networks Laboratory
EC2357  VLSI Design Laboratory
GE2321 Communication Skills laboratory
7 VII Semester EC2405 Optical & Microwave Laboratory
EC2404 Electronic system design Laboratory