Mechanical Engineering

12Mechanical Engineering plays a vital role in manufacturing and technological advancement. It is arguably the broadest of the main Engineering disciplines and the department equips the students with analytical depth in a wide range of engineering subjects, balanced with practical experience and essential transferable skills.

The Department has made substantial investment in up-to-date equipment in its laboratories and has enviable computing facilities.

Sl.No. Semester Name of the Laboratory
1 I Semester GE6161 Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 Engineering Practices Laboratory (Group A & B)
GE6163 Physics and Chemistry Laboratory -I
2 II Semester GE6261  Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Laboratory
GE6262  Physics and Chemistry Laboratory – II
3 III Semester ME 6311 – Manufacturing Technology Laboratory – I
CE6461 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
EE6365  Electrical Engineering Laboratory
4 IV Semester ME2258 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory II
ME6412  Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I
CE6315 Strength of Materials Laboratory
5 V Semester ME2306 Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I
ME2307 Dynamics Laboratory
ME2308 Metrology and Measurements Laboratory
ME2309 CAD/CAM Laboratory
6 VI Semester ME2355 Thermal Engineering Laboratory II
GE2321 Communication Skills Laboratory
7 VII Semester ME2404 Computer Aided Simulation and Analysis Laboratory
ME2405 Mechatronics Laboratory