The primary duties of any higher education institution are to carry out research and to generate new knowledge, dissemination of knowledge, and nurturing students. In this front, Research is the major focus at MRKIT. At least one center of excellence in each department will be created to carry out cutting- edge research. Some of the research areas in MRKIT at present are given as follows

Science and Humanities:   Nano Technology

Electrical and Electronics EngineeringApplication of Power Electronics on Power Quality Maintenance


Research Area

Civil Engineering Low cost Building Elements
Green Building
Special Concrete
Utilization of Industrial Waste materials in Structural Elements
Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures
Computer Science and Engineering Grid Computing
Data Mining
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Cryptography and Network Security
Mobile Computing
High Speed Networks
Electronics and Communication Engineering Biomedical Image Processing
Signal Processing
Character Recognition
Wireless Networks
VLSI Design
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Application of Power Electronics on Power Quality Maintenance
Intelligent Control Techniques for Electrical Drives
Applications of Advanced Power Electronics Devices for Drives Control
Nano-Materials in High Voltage Engineering
Fuel cells in Power Generation
Industrial Automation and Control
Intelligent Control Techniques for Electrical Drives
Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Enhancement
Low Energy Space Cooling
Functionally Graded Materials
Natural Ventilation using Solar Energy
Hybrid Solar Hot Water Systems
Flexible Mechanics
Service Quality Management
Vibration Analysis of Rotating Systems
Performance Enhancement of Air-Conditioning Systems
Solar Passive Cooling of Buildings