Rules & Regulations


Parents and visitors are permitted to meet their children/wards only after the college working hours and after taking permission from the principal. Students are expected to use courteous and polite language with members of the staff and maintain decorum in the campus and outside. They are expected to conduct themselves in such a way, so as to bring a good name for the college wherever they are.


  • Cellphone is strictly prohibited inside the campus
  • College will normally work for 8 hours from 9.00 a.m.
  • Students are required to be regular and punctual to the classes.
  • Students should be seated in the respective lecture halls 5 minutes before the commencement of the class.
  • Students should maintain perfect order and strict silence inside the lecture/drawing halls/ labs/ workshop at all times.
  • Movement outside the classroom between lectures should be minimum and for valid reasons only.
  • They should bring calculators everyday and drawing instruments and charts whenever needed. They should avoid borrowing them from other students or try to procure them after coming to college.
  • Observation notebooks should be brought to the laboratory classes.
  • Record of experiments done in a particular laboratory hours should be submitted in the next laboratory hours.
  • Using of Drugs inside the campus is strictly prohibited.

Academic Standards

Students should attend all tests and show good academic progress.
Absenting from regular classes will be strictly viewed and absenteeism in the test/exam will be viewed with atmost sternness.
Regularity in writing the test and satisfactory performance of students in test are essential to permit the students to appear for the University examinations at the end of the semester.
Any student found indulging in malpractice in the Test/Model exams/University exams will be debarred from appearing for the rest of the examinations.
All students should wear clean and appropriate dress. Gentleman should wear trousers with shirts neatly tucked in. Tee shirts, Jeans and other casuals are strictly prohibited in the campus during normal working hours. They are expected to wear shoes.
Ladies should wear salwar & chudidhars. Half sarees, midis, jeans, Teashirts are prohibited inside the campus. They are expected to wear shoes.
All students should wear the appropriate uniforms that are stipulated while attending the practical and workshop classes.

Attendance Requirements

A minimum of 85% attendance is expected, in each semester, necessarily to enable a student perform better in the University examination.
Students are not allowed to avail leave without getting the proper permission from respective HOD, Class incharge & Principal. If any medical reason the proof of medical certificate is Mandatory.
Leave will be sanctioned to the students only after the confirmation from the parents either by written document or by phone calls.
Students are not allowed to take leave of absence for more than 6 days in a semester. For any medical reasons submit the medical certificate from the respective doctor.
Students who absent themselves without permission will be deemed to have been absent for 2 days.
Continuous absence from class on medical grounds will be permitted only on production of medical certificate and letter from parent.
Names of students who are absent continuously for more than 12 days on any account with or without permission will be struck off the rolls.